This is a Flappy Bird/Shoot-em-up hybrid game made for My First Game Jam: Summer 2017.

Yes, you read that right. A Flappy Bird/Shoot-em-up hybrid. 

Feedback is appreciated!


Left-click: Flap

Right-click: Shoot. Hold for auto fire.

Mouse: Aim

Make sure you put the game in fullscreen, it looks much better that way.


Level 0 background - /u/Mekerz

Level 1 background - Couldn't find the source.

Level 2 background - /u/Foxstash

Level 3 background - Couldn't find the source.

Level 4 background - Couldn't find the source.

Level 5 background - /u/Ronnzor

Level Extra background - @skinhub_chris

Explosion Graphic - Master484

Color Pallete -

Main Theme - Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod (from Incompetech)

Game  Over Theme - Game Over by Hiroyuki Kawada (from the Galaga '88 soundtrack)

Boss Theme - Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod (from Incompetech)

Let me know if I got any of the sources wrong.

Development log


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Great aesthetic and appreciate the game tips at the end of each level.  It might be easier with a mouse but near impossible to play with a track pad.   I suggest you remove the aiming aspect of the controls and have the attack work like an omni-directional blast.  That way you can just keep your eyes on the player and still slaughter enemies.  Seems too difficult to aim and flap through tubes at the same time.

Fun and addictive!


A little too challenging when the enemies are underneath you, and the shooting sprite/animation is fairly overwhelming and seizure-y to me, but other than that it seems to work the way you intended.

The game might be too unforgiving right now because of how random the enemy spawns are. I'm going to try and implement aiming with the mouse, so we'll see if that makes the game less unfair.

As for the seizury shooting animation, I'm pretty sure I can fix that by reducing the fire rate.

Thanks for your feedback!

enjoyed the game my friend :) great work!

Thanks! Was there anything you didn't like?

well the game is challenging enough as it and i dont know if it is intended. but you can chill on the floor with no repercussions. In flappy bird when you touch the floor i think you die if i am not mistaken. Just another layer of difficulty i suppose :O

It was intended, but only because the enemies had much more health in an old version of the game, so being able to lie on the floor made it easier to kill enemies that spawned on the lower part of the screen. Now that the enemies have much less health and spawn much faster, I guess I could make it so that you die when you touch the ground like in Flappy Bird.

Thank you for your feedback!

Wow! Really good! Got me engaged for quite some time.

Really good concept. I was never a fan of flappy bird, but this is something else!

Great art too! The colours are brilliant.

Thank you so much!