I made this game for My First Game Jam: Winter 2017, but as it turns out, I finished it after the jam had already ended. =(

Anyway, this is a short, 1 level platformer about an old man with a crown going treasure hunting in a forest. However, said forest happens to be teeming with snakes and bottomless pits. Will he find the treasure?


Left and Right arrow keys to move

Left-Shift to sprint

Z or W to jump

X to attack

T to display a timer (It doesn't stop when you get the treasure, unfortunately)


Art by Buch

Music by edwinnington

Sound Effects by Little Robot Sound Factory

Everything else by Sir Floof (That's me.)

This game was made with the free edition of Construct 2. It's also my first game, so constructive criticism is welcome.

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Published157 days ago
AuthorSir Floof
TagsPixel Art, Singleplayer

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